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About Us

Cedar Ridge Medical, Inc. was founded as a veterinary equipment company in 1993. Our focus was on repairing equipment. We found that there was a large number of obsolete human items that had worked their way into the veterinary market.

To service these items, we purchased used equipment from the human market for parts. Due to an overstock of used equipment, we expanded into sales of refurbished medical equipment. The rising cost of the used equipment, parts and labor was at a point that new equipment could be purchased for the price of quality refurbished equipment.

To maintain the image of a quality company, we expanded our sales to new equipment. We have acquired distributorships for nearly 90% of the companies that market through distributors. Now most of our refurbished equipment comes from veterinary trade-ins.

Through our aggressiveness to address market changes, we have positioned Cedar Ridge Medical uniquely in the veterinary equipment market:

  • We are distributors of new equipment.
  • We offer quality refurbished equipment for sale.
  • We accept used equipment for trade-in.
  • We service what we sell
  • We now offer Concept Clinics - including Turn-Key packages.

Our objectives are:

  • To offer the veterinarian what we perceive to be the "Best Value Items" based on the cost of the item vs. the incidence and cost of repair.
  • To provide the doctor with a preferred brand or model at a competitive price.
  • We will do our best to give prompt, reliable service.
  • We will design and build the Concept Clinic that fits the needs of the individual.

This philosophy has built a growing, dedicated customer base.